About Cheshire White Collar Boxing

I’ve no experience – can I still take part?

Many fighters join us with no previous experience and varying levels of fitness, so please don’t be put off if you’ve never done anything like this before. The feedback we get from those who have taken part is outstanding. After 8 weeks, all fighters will be in the best shape of their lives if they’ve kept to our training plan. All we ask is that you come with a positive attitude and are prepared to put the hard work in!

What do I need to bring?

Fighters will need to bring their own 16oz gloves for training, a gum shield and groin protection. Head guard is optional; if you choose to wear one on the night, CWCB will provide it. Fighters to bring their own shorts and trainers or boots.

Is white collar boxing safe?

Safety is our top priority. All training is to the highest standards by professional boxing coaches. In the unlikely event that medical assistance is required on the night all our events have paramedics and a doctor in attendance.

Do I need to sell tickets for the fight?

All fighters are encouraged to sell a minimum of 10 tickets for Wilmslow, priced at £25 each, or £35 for ringside seats. Our events are always a sell-out but this is only possible with effort from every fighter. With your very own crowd of supporters cheering you on as you step into the ring, the atmosphere is electric – truly a night to remember! If you win your bout you will become a CWCB champion, a legend amongst your friends!

Do I have to raise money for charity?

There will be an option to gain sponsorship for our chosen charity through a specially designed ‘Just Giving’ page.

Why should I choose Cheshire White Collar Boxing?

Cheshire White Collar Boxing has the highest reputation for honesty and professionalism. Established by ex-pro boxer Glenn Williams in 2012, we have hosted several successful, sell-out events. We are the first local company to bring back the glitz and glamour of the original white collar boxing shows in New York, with our black-tie events held at prestigious hotels exclusive to the North West of England.

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