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Cheshire White Collar Boxing

Before you go any further and take the biggest challenge of your life and go through our killer 2 month boxing camp. . . .

Imagine walking out of the changing room with your song of choice blaring away, walking past your friends and family and a few hundred people, climbing through the ropes and facing your opponent across the ring. All the training, the runs, the blood sweat and tears for this exciting, exhilarating, adrenaline-filled 6 minutes of your life. This is what everyman would like to say they have done! . . . . . Have you got what it takes?

White collar boxing originated in 1988 in New York. Tired and bored office workers found it not only a great way to let off steam, but also the best form of exercise they had ever done as well as the big buzz that came from it. It soon hit London and only in the last few years it has become popular with celebrities like Les Dennis, Grant Bovey and Ricky Gervais taking part and making it popular.

Anyone can compete from 17 to 57 and any level will be matched very evenly, and fight at the same weight. There is the odd bloody nose and a knockdown is rare.

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Cheshire White Collar Boxing

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